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My Story

October 22, 2009 by Steve


Hey guys, welcome to my blog! My name is Steven from Los Angeles, California. I'm here to share with you two secrets that I learned about the porn industry and how pornstars look the way they do.

Basically, I'm an average guy with an average penis! I always thought that I was somewhat comfortable with my 5 inches (13 cm) an I knew that this was what most guys measured. I told myself that average is good, but I always secretly wished I could be as hung as those pornstars you see in movies.

well, you know what? One day I met one of those pornstars! Well, he was an ex-pornstar, but he had appeared in like 8 or 9 flicks (sorry, I promised him I wouldn't reveal the names, because he did quit the industry).

A Drunken Conversation!

I work at an acting agency in hollywood, so I see a lot of people who come to audition for roles. One day, I was chatting with one of them (who was very hot, by the way!) and he told me that this was his first role outside the porn industry. I was surprised that he mentioned the porn industry casually, but I guess he didn't care... LOL.

Anyways, we ended up chatting for a bit and he invited me to a party he was having at his house. I thought to myself, the party must be filled with hot studs like him, so of course I went. At the party, we all started drinking and had a great time.

I was pretty drunk and so was Mark (let's call him that for now), so I asked him: "hey how the hell do pornstars have such large cocks??" He laughed really hard and answered, "we weren't all born this way, trust me!"

I was curious so I asked him to tell me more. I was lucky that he was pretty drunk, because he told me about a secret that really changed my life!

So How Do Porn Stars Do it?

Basically, he said that it was possible to grow your penis by up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth a matter of weeks!... and we all know that girth is VERY important ;). Anyways, he told me about two products that I'm gonna tell you guys about here:


The first product is Virility EX, which I was told was the best penis enlargement pill on the market. This was originally designed by people in the porn industry. It directly increases the size of your penis by expanding the tissue and blood vessels. Basically, by doing that, you get a penis that's wider when hard!


The second product is Advanced Acai, a natural supplement that boosts your metabolism. This was originally designed as a muscle building product, but porn stars have been using it for years to also increase the blood flow to their penises. Ultimately this ends up "training" your penis to be larger when hard! It also improves sexual performance and stamina. And of course, it helps you get in great shape physically too.

IS it real??

This whole thing sounded too good to be true. So when I went home, I decided to research the products. They were, as Mark had told me, really solid natural products. I also discovered that they were being offered on a FREE trial basis (where you only pay a few dollars for shipping). I decided, what the hell, I'm sure that it's worth a shot!

Indeed, I paid around shipping only and received a one-month supply. I did that with both products to make sure to test out the whole system. The products arrived in the mail a few days later, and my adventure began!

Making My Penis Bigger!

Again, this is what my penis looked like before i took the products


I took the pills everyday - Advanced Acai in the morning (it gives you energy) and Virility EX at night. Mark told me how important it was to take them right before food, so I made sure to do that. I considered this challenge very important, so I followed the instructions exactly and made sure to never skip pills.

I’m glad I was disciplined with taking the pills! I grew 2 inches in 4 weeks! And my penis became wider too!

6 Weeks later

I couldn’t believe myself. I spent so much time looking at myself in the mirror, admiring how I had grown 2 entire inches in length and 1 inch in girth in just 4 weeks! My penis also looked better somehow. It felt 'natural' to be that big... no crazy veins popping out, not pain, no damage!

I also began to get hard quicker and last longer in bed!! I felt so strong overall. I can't describe the feeling!!

What life is like today

To this day, I can’t believe how easy it was to get the penis of a pornstar!. And this is why I’m here to share this valuable information with you guys. Having a larger penis has changed all of my life for the better. I gained so much confidence when talking to guys, because I knew that I could deliver in bed!! There are no more excuses for hitting on the hottest guys I see!

If you’d like to try it out as well, here are the links to the free trial offers:


If you end up trying these products, please post in the comments section to let me know. Although a few close friends have tried this and succeeded, I’m interested to see the results with people around the world! Give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose, and lots to gain.



  • By: Steven | October 22, 2009

    hi all... i thought i'd open up the comments so that you can ask questions or share your experiences too.

  • By: mickey | November 12, 2009

    Got my free trials for both products in about 4 days. Started using about 3 weeks ago I'm seeing some amazing results. This stuff is great - good find!!!
    Before and After

  • By: beachguy19 | November 13, 2009

    Been using the products for a week and i love how it helped my stamina. much more intense orgasms and better control. I look forward to continuing

  • By: Joe9 | November 15, 2009

    Its been over 6 days, About 1/2 inch gain so far. I am hoping for more length and width gains
    Before and After

  • By: rodney | November 16, 2009

    Quick question-- I have been using extenze but it's not working out. How fast are the trials shipped out?

  • By: Steven| November 17, 2009

    @Rodney - It takes a couple days. Forget other products, just stick with these free trials and you should see results.

  • By: jonathan | November 18, 2009

    I am ordering this for my boyfriend. i love him, but i'd like to love him even more ;)


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